Setting up and RTO costs

RTO application costs

RTO application costs

What are the costs for the application to ASQA and when is payment required

Learning Management software

Learning Management Materials

Choose Materials that is complaint and can easily be intergrated a Learning Management System

RTO consulting fees

RTO consulting fees

RTO legislation is complex, do not try to do it alone. Get the right advice from an RTO consulant

RTO Materials and cost for setting up RTO

RTO Set Up cost & the choosing best RTO Learning Materials for your students

A question that consultants often get asked are, what are the costs for setting up an RTO. Even though it would be great to answer this question with one simple like, which is often what clients that are thinking of starting an RTO are looking for. An Answer like it will cost “$95,000”

Even though I would love to answer this question with a simple one liner the true of the matter is the amount will vary depending on your experience and under of Registered Training organisations. This Article will focus on the following aspects of the commencing an RTO. More detailed guide how launch an RTO can be found here

Cost Overview for starting an RTO

  • RTO application costs
  • RTO resources requirements
  • RTO consulting fees

What is the cost for the RTO application?

When you want to start an RTO, the first part of this is easy to explain, there is an initial 500 fee for lodgement and then there is a $8,000 for the initial assessment. Many people think that this is the main cost but that couldn’t be further from the truth. During you planning and research phase you need to ensure you remember on critical item. Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

Below is a list of things to need to check off during your planning and research:

  • The training products are you going to use.
  • The training mode such as online, classroom. Since this article was written during COVID. I would ensure that you offer online training.
  • Which consultant you are going to use and what are their fees.
  • The time you plan to invest in this project
  • Your training and Assessor costs.
  • RTO management software – finding a cloud-based software that automates your RTO operations is very useful.
  • Standing starting a business cost.

Training and Learning materials for RTOs

Prior to submitting your application for the new RTO, you must choose and have proof that you have paid for a AVETMISS compliant Student management Systems and that you have purchased Compliant Learning Resources rtoadvantage.com.au. The Resrouces must be compliant and ready prior to the RTO successfully passing audit. The software must also have the functions such has automatically exporting the NATS files for the NCVER yearly collections. The software also ensure that user have different permission to ensure you are protecting the students information and only sharing it with authorise teachers or managers. There is an abusdence of choice when it comes to student management system but some of the popular ones include:

  • VETTrack – they have student management and RTO compliance. At the time of writing this article they are not a cloud based software but have been around for along time and are very popular
  • RTO advantage – this is one of two that I am currently area of are a cloud-based system that also has a fully feature Learning management system all integrated in the one package. This is great value compared to the other ones with similar features. visit website here
  • Vasto educated software. This is the other software that has LMS integration. The software has lots of feature but is a little bit more expensive compare to the other ones.

There is a lot to consider when starting a new RTO but with some research and advice it can be a rewarding and profitable business for the right person. If you are looking for a simple business that makes you money RTO is not for you. It is a complex business model and requires a great attention to detail.

RTO consulting fees

Although it might be tempting avoid doing everything yourself and not getting any advice if you are new to the RTO business industry. RTO legislation is very complex and changing frequently. As with any consulting work it is up to you to do you due diligence when choosing the right RTO consultant. You should speak to at least three consultant and choose the wone you feel most comfortable with and the one that fits within your budget.

What better way to show off RTO Resources and student automation saas app than presenting you some great situations of each module and tool available to users in a video

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